and circularity


Our mission is to bring performance and possibility to 21st. Century designers and material engineers.

Due to its organic nature, we can tan, dye, and finish cellulose–changing its color, smell, and texture to craft Celium™. This versatile textile with endless design possibilities is the new gold standard for fashion, footwear, sportswear, and automotive applications.

Developed using proprietary technology that is chromium-free and REACH, EPA, and ZDHC compliant, Celium™ is the first in a series of biomaterials Polybion™ plans to create.

To learn more about the high-performance properties of Celium™, download our technical sheet.


At Polybion™, our quest to maximize value from waste helps drive the circular economy.

By learning from nature, Polybion™ developed a production model that is not linear but a loop, simultaneously alleviating three major environmental problems: livestock, food waste, and plastic.

This model represents a paradigm shift from centuries of resource-mining practices to the regenerative cultivation of resources.

By circularizing supply chains and biofabricating Celium™ from waste, we produce a superior material while prioritizing our planet.

To learn more about the environmental footprint of Celium™, download our LCA.