Polybion’s Celium™ Premium Cultivated Cellulose: Now Globally Available.

  • Published on
  • May 7, 2024

Polybion™ unveils the worldwide market debut of Celium™.

Marking a significant milestone for the company and bringing biomaterials a step closer to becoming a widely accessible choice for large-scale consumer applications. With the operational success of its pioneering bacterial cellulose manufacturing facility in Central Mexico, Polybion sets a new standard in the production of Celium™ Premium Cultivated Cellulose. The solar-powered plant is a testament to years of dedicated iteration, research and development, with a production capability poised to meet the increasing demand for next-generation materials. 

Celium™ is grown by feeding bacteria with agroindustrial fruit waste. It is a unique fabric that offers a sustainable approach, and forward-thinking aesthetics to designers and material engineers. It can be dyed, embossed and tanned with chromium-free formulations using existing infrastructure, which allows for a lower negative impact to the environment than traditional fabrics. Due to its inherent biological composition, Celium™ possesses a character of its own, it refuses to be confined by the imitations of existing materials. Instead, it emerges as a new fabric with self-defining aesthetics.It offers a leather like feel, boasting unique properties tailored for fashion, sportswear, and automotive applications.

With its official availability to the general public in May 2024, Polybion’s Celium™ is set to create an entirely new category, not just to serve as a mimic of leather or another form of plastic, like most alternatives to leather in the market. The launch is complemented by the introduction of the Celium™ Swatch Sampler, a curated collection designed to inspire and enable designers and material engineers to explore the vast potential of this material. The sampler showcases the fabric’s remarkable versatility, showcasing a spectrum of possibilities. From vibrant marbled patterns achievable only with bacterial cellulose to timeless classic tones, it underscores the material's adaptability for diverse applications. 

With biology related hurdles solved at scale, Polybion finally unveils its landmark material, marking a pivotal moment in the widespread adoption of Celium - Premium Cultivated Cellulose for consumer product applications, empowering more brands to adopt low carbon materials into their product categories.


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